There's No One Way To Do Anything

It’s your wedding day. It's hectic. It's overwhelming. And you need to calm down!

Reverend Stuart possesses the unique qualities of reassurance and relaxation, effectively enabling him to keep your spirits high and your anxiety low.

Reverend Stuart prides himself on being opened to ‘All Ways’. His philosophy for joining people is to be true and honest to their beliefs.

As an Ordained Clergy of the Spiritual Humanist Church he is dedicated to the magic and spirit of Human connectedness. It is through his inclusive attitude and respect for an individual’s chosen path in life, that he can truly empower your marriage and create a celebration of life around you as a couple.

Stuart ‘s unique approach allows him to perform an extensive array of wedding ceremonies ranging through the cultures of, Uplifting Non-Denominational, Christian, Jewish, Spiritual, Pagan.

And, from his experience as an entertainer, he can create ‘Specialty Ceremonies’ by using his unique Brooklyn humor, or singing your favorite tune at any time during the ceremony. And, he is fully licensed to perform ceremonies within New York City as well.

So, whether it’s your vows or his, traditional, spiritual, musical, or spiced up a bit, Stuart B. Chernoff could be ‘The Right Reverend’ for you.